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by Abigail Van Buren

Customer Ready for a Change Hopes Hairdresser Won't Take It Personally

DEAR ABBY: How does one "break up" with a hairdresser? I'm not unhappy with "Flossie," my current one, but I'd like to try someone else for a change of pace.

I know people of both sexes who have stayed with a hairstylist they are unhappy with because they can't bring themselves to break up, so I know I'm not alone with this dilemma. I'd love to hear from hairdressers how they would prefer this be handled. Do they take it personally? -- TRENDSETTER IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR TRENDSETTER: Some do take it personally, I'm sure. If you have a personal as well as a business relationship with Flossie, she may feel hurt that you're leaving. However, it is not a sin to want to try someone else. It happens all the time in that business.

My advice is to call Flossie in advance and let her know you won't be coming so she can schedule someone else in that time slot. Then try the other stylist. That way, if you don't like that stylist's work, you can return to Flossie with no hard feelings.

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