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by Abigail Van Buren

Boyfriend's Online Dating 'Habit' Lingers Longer Than It Should

DEAR ABBY: My question is about Internet dating. How far along into a committed relationship should the profiles come down from the dating sites? Mine came down within weeks. It's been a year and my boyfriend's are still up. He's not active on them, but the emails still come to his inbox.

He claims he's too lazy to unsubscribe and it's just a habit to look at who the site is sending to him. We use the same computer when we're together, and he has left his email open more than once. I clicked into a few of them and that's how I found out that he doesn't seem to be active. But still? -- NERVOUS IN MICHIGAN

DEAR NERVOUS: Your boyfriend may maintain his dating sites and check them occasionally because it's an ego boost -- he wants to see how many women find him attractive. That he doesn't appear to be responding to them is encouraging. However, the appropriate time to unsubscribe would be when a couple decides to be exclusive.

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