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by Abigail Van Buren

You Better Have A Good Reason To Call Someone On Vacation

DEAR ABBY: What are your thoughts on calling friends or family while they're on vacation?

Last week, my husband and I had a much-needed getaway. While there, I was called several times by a friend who knew I was on vacation. After I ignored several calls, I got a frantic text from her requesting I call back immediately because she was concerned because I wasn't answering. I texted back that I was fine, but on a noisy beach and unable to talk.

When I spoke with her after I returned home, it turned out she had wanted to chat about her boyfriend problems. I let her know that my vacation time is so limited each year that I usually don't check my phone.

I personally think making a non-emergency call to someone on vacation is rude and annoying. Am I right on this? -- DO NOT DISTURB IN WEST VIRGINIA

DEAR D.N.D.: I think so. That's why vacations are referred to as "getting away from it all."

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