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Last Daughter To Move Out Fears Leaving Mom Home Alone

DEAR ABBY: I'm 26 and still live with my mother, helping her with bills and rent. A couple of months ago I got an opportunity to move out, but the fear of leaving my mother alone with her medical conditions stopped me.

Now that I have another chance to move out and live alone, I don't know how to tell her, or even if I should go. When both of my sisters moved out, Mom got really depressed. My fear is she will find herself alone and try to harm herself. What should I do? -- YOUNG ADULT IN FLORIDA

DEAR YOUNG ADULT: The mark of a successful parent is having raised her children to be self-sufficient. Because you are afraid your mother might become so depressed she might harm herself if you move, you should discuss this with her physician and explore what social services in your community can do to help her adjust. Many hospitals have social workers on staff, and that would be a place to start asking what is available.

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