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by Abigail Van Buren

'Lucky Man' Is Tired Of Hearing About It

DEAR ABBY: Every time my girlfriend and I go out somewhere and we run into friends of hers -- mainly females -- they always make a point of telling me how lucky I am to have her. Mind you, she is gorgeous, and I do feel lucky. But I'm not bad-looking either.

What is a proper response for me to give? It's beginning to get irritating. -- ALSO A GOOD CATCH

DEAR ALSO A GOOD CATCH: The proper response is, "Isn't she terrific? She's not only gorgeous, she's (then list several of her other virtues)." Remember, this is not a competition. The more you build your girlfriend up to her girlfriends, the better YOU will come across. And of course, she should do the same for you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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