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by Abigail Van Buren

Family Chooses Sides Over Daughter's Transgender Boyfriend

DEAR ABBY: Our bright, attractive daughter recently told us that she's seeing a transgender man. For financial reasons, this man has not had a complete sex change. He still has a female body part. This has caused deep division within our family because, while we love our daughter, we also refuse to see this as being "normal" and believe it will have a negative impact on our daughter professionally. Please advise. -- LIVING A NIGHTMARE IN NEW MEXICO

DEAR LIVING A NIGHTMARE: Unless the person your daughter is seeing wears a sign describing his genitalia, your daughter's career should not be affected. This should be nobody's business -- including yours. Because you love your daughter, concentrate less on what's "missing" and more on what they share together and the happiness they bring each other, and you'll all be better off.

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