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by Abigail Van Buren

Teen Is Eager To Tweak Her Looks With A Nose Job

DEAR ABBY: Although I am not considered bad looking, I'm not extremely beautiful either. Guys find my friends prettier than me.

For a few years I have been thinking about getting a nose job. My parents say I need to wait for all my facial features to adjust to my growing body to prevent facial disfigurement in the future. I think that's just an excuse. When is the right age to get a nose job? -- ALABAMA TEEN

DEAR TEEN: This is a question that should be answered by your personal physician. You didn't state your age, but I don't think your parents are stalling. According to WebMD, it is very important that before a young person has a nose job the facial bones have reached "adult size." The usual age for girls' noses to mature is 15 or 16. (Interestingly, for boys it is a year or so later.)

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