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by Abigail Van Buren

It's Hard To Hide From Cellphone Shutterbugs

DEAR ABBY: With technology the way it is today and everyone taking photos and videos of everyone around them, are there any new rules of etiquette? I'm asking because of a couple situations I've been in lately.

The other day I was kayaking with some people I met online. While I was rowing, struggling to catch up with those who were faster, breathing hard and sweating, a kayaker in front of me whom I had just met started videotaping me. I didn't want to be videotaped, but I didn't want to break my stride and explain.

Yesterday I was in a hot spring at a health spa, wearing a swimsuit. I looked up and a woman I didn't know was about to take a photo of two other women. I was in the background. Fortunately, I was able to leap out of the way, and the only part of me that might have been photographed was my backside.

In both situations I was uncomfortable, but I did nothing to stop it. What is a polite way to ask someone to stop? -- PHOTO-SHY IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR PHOTO-SHY: It's perfectly acceptable to say, "Please don't do that," or "Let me get out of range." If the photographer has any manners, he/she will accommodate you.

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