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by Abigail Van Buren

'Sprained Ankle' Is Easy Out For Dance-Phobic Mother-Of-The-Bride

DEAR ABBY: My daughter is being married soon, and I have an enormous fear that I need some help with. I can't dance. At all. I took some lessons, but I have no sense of rhythm. Although I tell people I can't and won't dance, inevitably some guy has a little too much to drink and tries to drag me to the dance floor.

My husband dances and I encourage him to have a good time, but if he's dancing and I'm sitting alone, someone is sure to ask me. Please help me with a good comeback or a little white lie to keep me off the dance floor! -- CAN'T DANCE IN COLORADO

DEAR CAN'T DANCE: I suppose the most common little white lie would be to plead a sprained ankle. But a more honest reply would be to thank the person and say you prefer not to because you're not comfortable on the dance floor. Said with a smile, it shouldn't offend anybody, even if he has had a few.

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