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Move To London Hasn't Panned Out For Half Of Two-Career Couple

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I recently quit our jobs and moved to London from New York. Being a freelancer and having lived here before, he's never had trouble finding work. But I have just changed careers, and I'm finding it hard to earn a consistent paycheck here.

Despite his constant assurances that he is happy supporting both of us right now, I can't shake feeling guilty. I have never felt right living on someone else's dime -- not even my parents' while I was growing up. Should I man up and find a job I don't exactly love to better contribute, or "keep on truckin'" without guilt with hopes of getting there? -- GUILTY IN LONDON

DEAR GUILTY: Because of your history, I'm not sure you are capable of happily "keepin' on truckin'" without contributing financially. For some people, the sense of independence they derive from having a job is important to their self-worth.

I say, look around and see if there are some job openings. It's better than sitting around moping and feeling guilty, and it might give you and your husband a chance to make some new friends.

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