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by Abigail Van Buren

Faraway Friend Offers Words Of Thanks To Deployed Servicemember's Wife

DEAR ABBY: A woman I know has a husband who is deployed. I would like to send her a card offering support and love, to tell her how thankful I am for both of their sacrifices in the service of our country.

Can you assist with wording and other ideas on how I can be supportive? She lives far away, so this will all be long distance. I don't want to come across wrong or say something that could offend.

I ran across an article the other day on what not to say to military wives, and I'm afraid I may have committed a faux pas and don't want to do it again. -- CIVILIAN IN IOWA

DEAR CIVILIAN: If you think you "may" have committed a breach of etiquette, pick up the phone, call the woman and offer an apology. Explain that you read an article about what not to say to military wives, and hope you didn't offend her. Offer to stay in touch -- if that's what she would like -- so you can let her know she and her husband are in your thoughts, and let her suggest other ways you might be helpful even though you are geographically distant.

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