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by Abigail Van Buren

Secondhand Smoke Is No. 1 Problem In Four-Generation Household

DEAR ABBY: My 30-year-old daughter and 8-year-old granddaughter have moved back home. The house now holds four generations. It's hard to keep everyone happy.

My father and I are both years-long smokers, which is causing major problems. Neither of us wishes to quit, and we feel it is our right to do as we please in our own home. My daughter is constantly telling her daughter to tell us she doesn't want to live here anymore because of the smoke.

Abby, they asked to move in here. She lives here for nothing, and pays nothing for food or transportation. God forbid I ask her to do something around here to help out. Who's right? -- SMOKER IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR SMOKER: Let me put it this way. Your daughter is lucky to be living with you, thanks to your generosity. If she has a bone to pick with you, she should do it directly -- not through her child.

That said, because secondhand smoke isn't healthy for children, out of love and consideration for your granddaughter, you and your father should consider designating a smoking room in your home and lighting up there, or smoking outside.

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