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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom Is Exposed as Accomplice by Daughter's Rude Classmate

DEAR ABBY: My 7-year-old daughter, "Rosie," recently came home in tears because a classmate, "Emily," told her I was a liar and she was an idiot for believing my lies. Then Rosie asked me if I had been the one putting money under her pillow and presents under the tree all along. Ultimately, I told her that, yes, I had. But I stressed how important it was that she not ruin other kids' belief in the tooth fairy, etc.

The cat is out of the bag for my child, but do you think I should mention this to Emily's mother? We are friendly, but not close. She lives near me, so I run into her often. I'm not just upset that Emily told Rosie, but also that she was so rude. I don't want that girl to do this to more kids.

It's not about criticizing the mother's parenting skills. My kids need correction sometimes, too. I just believe it takes a village and we should all work together as parents. What are your thoughts? -- CAT'S OUT OF THE BAG IN MARYLAND

DEAR CAT'S OUT: It's a shame that your daughter got the news the way she did. But in situations like this, when one child knows something the others don't, it's not unusual for the child to share the "news."

Emily was out of line to have said what she did to your daughter, particularly in saying that she couldn't trust you, because it could have far-reaching implications. By all means have a word with Emily's mother.

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