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by Abigail Van Buren

Friends Are Tempted to Cash In on "Side Chick" Hustle

DEAR ABBY: I'm saddened by the mistresses of today, also known as "side chicks." These women have no morality or conscience. Yet their status seems to be glorified all over social media.

What advice would you give to my friends who are contemplating joining in this madness as a "hustle" and a way to get child support from married men? -- DISGUSTED IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR DISGUSTED: You are describing entrapment and extortion. A woman who would do this is lacking ethics, morals and self-respect. That kind of individual isn't likely to listen to advice from me. I do have some, however, for you. End those "friendships" because, on an important level, you have nothing in common with these shameless users. I pity the children, who are nothing more than meal tickets to their mothers.

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