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by Abigail Van Buren

Man's Idea Of A Date Is Watching Tv

DEAR ABBY: I met someone I really like eight months ago. The problem is, I can't get him to do anything except sit at home and watch TV.

I have suggested doing things he is interested in. But when a friend called, he went out to a ballgame without hesitation. I had been asking him for months to go. He also went to a music festival with friends. But if I suggest anything, he can't do it. He says he will "sometime in the future," but how should I take this? We have never been out to eat or seen a movie.

Am I being childish or asking too much too soon? -- UNDERWHELMED IN MICHIGAN

DEAR UNDERWHELMED: Too soon? Eight months? You're not childish; you are thinking rationally. Sitting around and watching television requires no effort on his part -- and I'll bet you're providing the snacks, too. Forgive me for seeming judgmental, but the man you're involved with is acting like a self-centered mooch, and it's unfair to you.

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