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by Abigail Van Buren

Young Man's Romance With Older Woman Is Awkward for Family

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend's son, "Matt," just turned 21, but he looks 16. He has just announced that he's moving in with a 50-year-old woman -- the mother of a friend of his.

I feel very uncomfortable about the idea of welcoming her into my home and making conversation as if they are a normal couple. His father and I are the woman's age. I don't believe Matt has told his mom or his siblings yet. He's quickly losing friends over this awkward situation.

I'm usually of the mindset to "live and let live," but here I am tested. It feels creepy. What is the proper way to handle this? -- UNEASY IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR UNEASY: Handle this by withholding judgment and waiting to see how the romance plays out. Matt may look 16, but at 21 he's an adult and capable of making his own decisions about his love life without "help" from his father's girlfriend. Matt's lady friend may be a very young 50 and Matt may be a mature 21. Having met neither of them, I can't judge. And neither should you, so stay out of the line of fire, or the romance that suffers may be your own.

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