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by Abigail Van Buren

Baby's Tears At Wedding May Cause Distracting Sideshow

DEAR ABBY: My daughter is marrying a wonderful young man who not only loves her, but also her 7-month-old daughter, who is not his. My question is one of etiquette. During the wedding ceremony, if my granddaughter starts crying, should I get up and leave with her? She's a little Mama's girl and might start to fuss.

I'd hate to miss my daughter's wedding, but don't want it to be ruined for her guests. What is the proper thing to do? -- BRIDE'S MOM ON THE EAST COAST

DEAR BRIDE'S MOM: The proper thing to do is to ask your daughter -- well in advance of the wedding -- what she would like done in the event that her daughter starts crying or acting up during the ceremony.

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