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by Abigail Van Buren

Threat Of Earthquake Prompts A Move

DEAR ABBY: We live in the Pacific Northwest and lately there has been a lot of news about an impending major earthquake due to hit our region. We understand it may not happen for a very long time, but it could also strike soon. We are planning to move to another part of the U.S. for our safety. My employer has an office there, and I can retain my job status and seniority.

The problem we see is, what do we tell people -- friends and co-workers -- about the reason for this transfer? We don't want to come off as "Chicken Little" for something that may not occur within our lifetimes, but we also don't want to endanger ourselves unnecessarily. Should we just say we are moving for "family reasons" or tell the truth or something else? -- RUNNING AWAY IN VANCOUVER

DEAR RUNNING AWAY: Living in Southern California, this subject comes up in conversation periodically whenever we have a tremor. Years ago, after one of them, I met a woman who informed me that she and her husband were moving out of state for the same reason you are doing it. (I hope she's enjoying the winters!)

If you are not comfortable informing people that your reason for relocating is fear of an untimely death, I don't think you are required to. It wouldn't be dishonest, however, to say that you are looking for a new adventure.

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