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Daughter Has Long History Of Coming Up Short Financially

DEAR ABBY: I have been frugal all my life. I have managed to accumulate a cushion should I become ill or need money for emergencies.

My oldest daughter is the exact opposite. She makes stupid financial decisions and has lost thousands of dollars. She recently called, begging me to get her out of a financial jam she has gotten herself into. I refused because the amount she needs would cost me almost all of my savings.

Now my other children have stopped speaking to me. They say I should give her the money. What are your thoughts on this? -- PRUDENT MOM IN FLORIDA

DEAR PRUDENT MOM: My thoughts are the same as yours. If your other children are determined that their sister should be bailed out, then they should pool their money and give it to her. But for you to give her your life savings with no guarantee that it will be repaid would be a bad financial decision on your part. I hope you won't allow yourself to be blackmailed into what could literally be sacrificing your future.

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