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by Abigail Van Buren

Pregnant Wife's Emotions Are Causing Resentment in New Husband

DEAR ABBY: I'm a new husband, and things I thought I could tolerate before we were married are really bugging me now. I raised a daughter with another woman, and my current wife deleted every picture of her -- from sonograms to her second birthday -- and won't let me keep anything of hers.

I understand she wants our lives to be about us, but I try to keep it separate and the resentments are starting to fester. I'd confront her, but she's pregnant and has been extra emotional about me even leaving for work.

What do I do? Should I wait eight more months for the baby and then say something? I'm afraid I will snap before then. -- NEW HUSBAND IN WYOMING

DEAR NEW HUSBAND: I'm no doctor, but you and your wife need to consult one. She appears to be suffering from severe emotional problems. Her internist and gynecologist should be told what's going on so she can start counseling and possibly medication to help her with her extreme insecurity. That she would have problems about you "even leaving for work" is not normal behavior, and you should waste no time in dealing with this.

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