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by Abigail Van Buren

Parents' Irresponsibility Could Put Son at Mercy of the State

DEAR ABBY: Year after year, people are reminded to visit elderly people in nursing homes, taking cookies and entertainment -- like children's choirs, etc.

My mother used to work in a nursing home and she said it made her sad to watch the huge influx of people during December, only to see January roll around to -- nothing. Once Christmas is over, people go back to their lives, feeling good about their visit to the nursing home or shelter. But the residents are still there come February, June, September. Perhaps the directors, volunteers and families could spread their visits over the entire year instead of focusing only on December. -- JUST A THOUGHT IN LUSBY, MD.

DEAR JUST: Your mother is a caring and sensitive person. What she said is valid, and I hope it will be given serious consideration.