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by Abigail Van Buren

Dinner-Table Bully May Be Victim of Low Blood Sugar

DEAR ABBY: In reference to "It's All Good, Until ..." (Aug. 1), the woman whose otherwise easygoing husband turns hypercritical every evening at dinner, he may have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or be pre-diabetic as my husband is.

My story is the same as hers. My husband is even-tempered and a great partner -- until his sugar gets low. Then he turns from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.

My advice to her is to have a doctor check her husband for those issues. In the meantime, he might start having an afternoon protein snack so his sugar doesn't drop by dinner if that is, in fact, the problem. Peanut butter crackers are excellent. -- SOMEONE WHO KNOWS IN KNOXVILLE, TENN.

DEAR SOMEONE: Thank you for the heads-up. Dozens of readers offered similar opinions about the husband's behavior, including a registered nurse who wrote: "What's happening may be that his blood sugar or glucose is getting too low at that time and causing personality changes. ... This time of day is crucial for people with either diabetes or other insulin problems. Please suggest her husband see a doctor to have this checked."

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