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by Abigail Van Buren

Mourner Is Shocked To Learn Funeral Was Streamed Online

DEAR ABBY: Recently, I went to the funeral of a family member. As we were leaving the chapel, a relative asked me if I was aware that the funeral had been live streamed. I was appalled. After all, going to a funeral allows us a chance to say goodbye to the deceased and to be there to support the surviving family and friends. I don't believe that live streaming can accomplish either of those missions. Am I wrong to think that this was really inappropriate? -- BAFFLED IN BOSTON

DEAR BAFFLED: You may be passing judgment too quickly. These days many funerals and memorials are live streamed, but are not available to the general public. To view them, one needs an access code.

While I agree that the purpose of a funeral is to comfort the living (as well as pay respects to the deceased), what you haven't taken into account is that there may be individuals who may be unable to attend. It could be that the airfare is more than some relatives can afford, or that health problems make travel difficult. In some cases, streaming the service or memorial is a practical solution so that everyone can be included.

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