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by Abigail Van Buren

Here's Hoping 'Mind Your Own Business Day' Catches On

DEAR ABBY: I operate a small Internet radio station out of my house in Texas. I play music 24/7, except on Saturday nights when I usually do a live talk show. A topic I raise every year coincides with my birthday. I announce to all who are listening that I have designated this day as Mind Your Own Business Day.

On this day, my listeners are reminded that if they disapprove of someone's choice of mate, clothing, religion, favorite music, pets -- and anything else that may be personal and nobody's business -- to keep it to themselves.

Would you be willing to mention this in your column and help me spread the word that while everyone has a right to an opinion, it doesn't mean everyone should be forced to listen to it? Thanks in advance. -- JIM IN TEXAS

DEAR JIM: Not only is your message succinct, your idea has merit. If more people followed your philosophy, it could eliminate a lot of conflicts, not to mention headaches.

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