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by Abigail Van Buren

Family Rift Grows Over Lack Of Privacy

DEAR ABBY: My mom has no respect for my privacy. When something happens in my life, she shares it with all my relatives despite my repeatedly having asked her not to. She has a website where she rehashes nearly every moment of my life spent with my family and posts all of my pictures.

When I mention to her that I would like my privacy respected, she gets upset and calls me ridiculous. I agree that I'm probably demanding more privacy than normal, but I don't feel she has a right to disseminate information about me if I ask her not to. How can I get her to stop? -- WANTS MY PRIVACY

DEAR WANTS YOUR PRIVACY: Your mother may be posting your pictures and details of your life because she has been doing it for years. If you're a teenager, please realize that your mom may do this because she's proud of you. However, if you are an adult and no longer live under her roof, a way to get her to pull back, if not stop completely, would be to share less information with her.

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