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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: I am a freshman in college. I would like to transfer to a college that two of my best friends from high school attend, and also change my planned major. We have been friends since seventh grade, and we would like to rent a house over the summer and remain in it during the next school year.

My problem is my father. Daddy insists that I shouldn't live with my high school friends. He says I should concentrate on making new friends and see my old ones less often. He is making it sound like if I don't do what he wants, that I'll mess up my entire future.

Am I wrong here? Would living with my friends be that horrible? -- MIXED UP IN NEW YORK

DEAR MIXED UP: Your father may be concerned that you and your friends will be distracted and not apply yourselves fully to your studies if you share a house together. Although many first-year students change their planned majors, changing schools as well as your major and moving in with your friends may appear to your father as a retreat from adult responsibilities. The question you must answer is: Does he have cause to be concerned about your motives or your study habits?