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DEAR ABBY: I have fallen in love with a very special woman. She happens to be my daughter-in-law's mother. We are very happy together, but our children are extremely upset about this. My son and her daughter no longer speak to us at this point.

I feel it's my life and I shouldn't live it for the kids, nor would I want them to live their lives for me. Is it wrong for me to be with her, or are the kids overreacting? -- IN LOVE IN KENTUCKY

DEAR IN LOVE: The "kids" are overreacting, and they shouldn't be trying to blackmail the two of you into doing what they prefer. It is your life, and just as you wish your son and daughter-in-law every happiness, they should be doing the same for you. This situation is not as unusual as they think, and they should not be judging or punishing you, because you are doing nothing wrong.

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