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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom's Support of Abuser Is Betrayal to Her Daughter

DEAR ABBY: What causes someone to do everything he or she can to keep from being happy? I had the chance to have a wonderful life and career, but I did everything I could to sabotage myself.

Now, at 55, I'm looking back on an empty and meaningless life.

I was blessed with many things going for me, but I blew them all. I wish I could have enjoyed my life and the successful career I could have had. What is my problem? -- REGRETFUL IN MISSISSIPPI

DEAR REGRETFUL: Nobody is born with a blueprint for life, and everybody sooner or later makes a mistake they regret. You made your choices and second-guessing them now is negative and counterproductive. The trick is to not repeat those mistakes and to stop looking backward when you should be taking the life lessons you learned from them and moving forward. If you do, there will be fewer stumbles along the way.