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by Abigail Van Buren

Girl Whiles Away Her Summer Waiting for the Phone to Ring

DEAR ABBY: My sister is an alcoholic and prescription drug abuser who causes a scene at every family gathering. There will be an important family event soon, and we don't want to invite her for fear she'll ruin it by showing up drunk or high. My mother is mad and says it's not right to ostracize my sister, and if she's not invited, my mother will not attend, either. What should we do? -- NO DRAMA, PLEASE IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR NO DRAMA: You have two choices. Invite your sister with the clear understanding that if she shows up drunk or high, your mother will remove her from the premises and see she gets safely home. Or, refuse to give in to your mother's blackmail and tell her that if she chooses not to come, all of you will miss her. Period.