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by Abigail Van Buren

Divorcing Wife Wants Others to Know She Isn't to Blame

DEAR ABBY: I am writing regarding the letter you printed June 14, about saluting the U.S. flag. You should be aware that the Flag Code that you referenced in your reply was amended by Congress a couple of years ago and includes changes of which all Americans should be made aware.

One of them is that military veterans, as civilians who are no longer in uniform, may choose to salute the flag with the military "hand to the forehead" salute as they did while in the service.

All other persons should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, or if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Citizens of other countries should stand at attention. All conduct toward the flag in a moving column should be rendered at the moment the flag passes. This includes the playing of the national anthem. -- ANDY ANDERSON, KNOXVILLE, TENN.

DEAR ANDY: Thank you and thanks to the many readers who wrote to inform me that my copy of the Flag Code was outdated. I was unaware that it had been amended and used the one that was in my files for reference. Mea culpa!