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by Abigail Van Buren

Dessert Adds a Sour Ending to Dinners With Girlfriends

DEAR ABBY: Is it weird to not want to sleep in the same bed with my husband? We have an amazing, caring, fun relationship -- but when it comes to sleep, I need my space while he prefers to cuddle all night. I always end up trying to push him over to his side, or telling him to please move. I know he gets offended because he's just trying to be close.

Abby, when I'm in bed with him I hardly get any sleep! He's always on my side and I can't move. It bothers me so much I end up sleeping on the couch.

Is this a bad sign for our marriage? Should I just stick it out for his sake? Our marriage is pretty close to perfect except for this one thing. -- NEEDS MY SPACE IN WEST VALLEY, UTAH

DEAR NEEDS YOUR SPACE: If you haven't already done it, you and your husband should have a calm discussion about this when you're both wide awake and rested. Sleep deprivation can cause any number of problems -- slow reaction time behind the wheel of a car, inefficiency at work, and serious health problems. If your marriage is amazing, caring, fun and sexually satisfying for both of you, then sleeping separately isn't a "bad sign." It's the solution.