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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom Thinks Daughter's Closet Door Was Opened by Her Mentor

DEAR ABBY: My darling wife died not long ago. I'm still grieving. Please tell me what to do when women show up as if I'm available to date. They're not shy. I'm not interested in anyone, especially since my wife just passed away. I am still emotionally attached to her, and I don't want that feeling to fade.

Abby, these women are forward and aggressive. I can't believe how some of them dress. I miss my wife. I truly loved her and continue to do so. I know in time I'll meet someone, but I'm not ready to jump out there because my heart still belongs to my wife. I welcome your advice, Abby. -- HUNTSVILLE WIDOWER

DEAR WIDOWER: Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved wife. Because you wrote to me in longhand rather than via the Internet, I'm assuming you are an older gentleman. Available men in your demographic are hard to find, which is probably why you're under siege by the casserole brigade. Actually, it's a compliment that they're lining up. However, because you're not ready to move in that direction, politely tell the women you prefer to be left alone right now to sort out your feelings. And, if anything changes, you will let them know.