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by Abigail Van Buren

Table Hopping Friend Deserts Dinner Companions to Hobnob

DEAR ABBY: My mother-in-law, "Kay" -- who is in her 50s -- dresses like she's in her teens or 20s. Don't get me wrong, she looks great. She exercises several hours a day to keep in shape and follows a strict diet.

Kay wears spaghetti-strap shirts and short skirts in the summer, and bikinis to sunbathe. I understand that she wants to show off her body, but is there a way to direct her to more age-appropriate clothing? Or am I in the wrong here? -- PRIM AND PROPER IN OKLAHOMA

DEAR PRIM AND PROPER: You are well-intentioned, but if you are wise, you will refrain from giving your mother-in-law any unasked-for fashion advice. How she dresses is her business, not yours, and I seriously doubt your comments would be welcomed.