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by Abigail Van Buren

Adulterous Dad's TV Bribe Doesn't Offer Pretty Picture

DEAR ABBY: My fiance has a daughter in college. "Kimberly" emails her essays to her father, always saying, "I need you to spell-check, check grammar and fix everything. Then send it back to me."

As a teacher, I have told him this is unethical. His daughter is working for a grade and there are resources available at the university. She has no disability and time is not an issue.

When this happens my blood boils. Am I wrong? Or is it wrong of her to expect Daddy to fix her papers so she can get a good grade? He thinks I'm overreacting. -- NOT FOOLED IN MICHIGAN

DEAR NOT FOOLED: Of course you're not wrong. As well-intended as your fiance may be, by correcting his daughter's assignments he's preventing her from learning skills she will need once she graduates. Warning: If you plan to marry this man, be prepared for a future filled with him solving one problem after another for her, because he's not going to change and neither will she. A college girl being this dependent on Daddy isn't healthy.