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by Abigail Van Buren

Job Loss Reveals Hard Truth About Who's a True Friend

DEAR ABBY: My father-in-law has liver cancer. Whenever I use the term to explain his condition, I say, "Dad is dying of liver cancer," which upsets my in-laws because they don't like to hear the word "dying." His cancer will ultimately take his life, so am I wrong, or are my in-laws being too sensitive? -- JUST BEING HONEST IN IOWA

DEAR JUST BEING HONEST: At this point you are wrong. Unless your father-in-law is at death's door he is LIVING with cancer. When you describe his condition as "dying," you create the impression that you are rushing him to the cemetery. He could live quite a while, so don't jump the gun. And no, your in-laws are NOT being "too sensitive."