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by Abigail Van Buren

Proof of a Mother's Love Is Found in Simple Treasures

DEAR ABBY: I'm a l3-year-old girl and my mom's having a baby. No, I'm not an only child -- I have two half-brothers and one soon-to-be stepbrother. My mom has been let down so many times in her life by so many men. She has told me to wait to have sex until I'm married, and now this happens -- and before they get married.

Abby, I feel so disappointed in her. I don't think my mom "gets" how let down by her I feel. How do I tell her? -- CONFUSED IN CHICAGO

DEAR CONFUSED: I suspect your mother already knows on some level what you're thinking and that she didn't set a good example. If you feel it's necessary to vent, then tell her just the way you told me.

You appear to be an intelligent young woman. So take this as an opportunity to learn from the pain you have seen her suffer from her poor choices. It will keep you from making the same mistakes you have seen her make, and it will serve you well -- now and in the future.