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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife Demurs Advances Made by Men Reconnecting Online

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend, "Ian," and I are in our 30s. Although we have been together for seven months, his family is not yet over his ex-wife. They invite her for dinner, share weekend visitation with Ian's daughter with her, and remind him constantly that they are disappointed with his decision.

Ian has moved on. He would like to cut all ties with his ex, but his family won't allow it. He's afraid if he puts his foot down it will destroy the already strained relationship he has with them.

My family accepts Ian, but his refuses to admit I exist. How do we deal with this? It's Ian's life, and he has the right to choose who he spends it with. -- INVISIBLE WOMAN IN PHILLY

DEAR INVISIBLE WOMAN: Toughen up, grit your teeth and continue the relationship. Remember, because a child is involved, Ian cannot completely move on. As for his parents, accept that their grandchild's mother will always be a part of their lives so get used to it. If this romance leads to the altar, you will meet Ian's family at some point.