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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife Wants to Wash Her Man Right Out of Holiday Kitchen

DEAR ABBY: I have wanted a baby for a long time. Now that I'm 31, my desire is growing stronger. My boyfriend of 11 years, "Chad," is 35. His daughter lives with us and I have raised her like she was mine.

Chad and I discussed having a baby and even went to a fertility clinic to make sure we're healthy and would have no complications trying to conceive. Now, almost a year later and still no baby, he says he has a successful business, loves his life and doesn't want any more kids! "Maybe down the road" he "might" change his mind.

I hate him for this. I had two abortions for him five years into our relationship because he felt we weren't ready. He was starting his business and I was still in my last year of college.

Abby, please help me. I am furious with him, and I'm starting to pull away from him and his daughter. -- CHEATED IN NEW YORK

DEAR CHEATED: I'm sorry, but your signature indicates you have a firm grasp of your situation. It appears you will never have what you want if you stay with Chad, so pack your bags and get on with your life.