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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom Gets Served an Earful in Line at Breakfast Buffet

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I were on vacation out of state with our four young children, staying at a large resort that offered a free buffet breakfast. While my husband tended to the children's beverages and eating utensils, I stood in line to make waffles for everyone. (There were three waffle irons available.)

As I made four waffles for the six of us -- as others were doing for their families -- a woman began berating me and another man for "monopolizing" the waffle irons. She said we should make only one waffle at a time and then get back in line. She went on to insult our kids by saying that by feeding our kids whole waffles for breakfast, we are responsible for the epidemic of childhood obesity in this country.

Was I being rude? Is there a rule of etiquette regarding waffle-making in a buffet? We like to sit down as a family and enjoy our meal together. -- WAFFLING IN THE SOUTH

DEAR WAFFLING: As far as I know, you broke no rule of etiquette. What you encountered was a hungry woman who was taking her impatience out on you. She is lucky you didn't hand her an egg and tell her to go suck on it.