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by Abigail Van Buren

Grandfather's Bad Timing Mars a Perfect Wedding

DEAR ABBY: When my wife and I go to a buffet for lunch or dinner, she takes too much food on purpose to take home with her. I say it's wrong because you pay for what you eat, not what you "carry out." She insists that paying means she can take whatever amount she wants.

The last time we went, she actually waited for more chicken to be brought out so she could put three pieces in a napkin before we left. Now she's mad at me because I told her it was wrong. I'll live by what you say, Abby. What is it? -- CRYING "FOWL" IN LAKEWOOD, CALIF.

DEAR CRYING "FOWL": Your wife isn't mad at you because you told her what she did was wrong. She's pouting because she doesn't want to admit that you were right -- that she was pulling a fast one and you didn't approve. If all the patrons behaved as she does, the restaurant would not be able to break even, let alone make a profit. Her behavior was not just tacky; it showed a distinct lack of character.