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by Abigail Van Buren

Grieving Parents Receive Disturbing Gift With Poise

DEAR ABBY: My husband moved out on Feb. 14 of last year. (Yes, Valentine's Day!) Our divorce will be final soon.

My soon-to-be-ex parades his girlfriend all over town and with our friends. He claims it is over between us, yet he still comes over to mow the yard for me and do errands. He also comes here every Sunday to watch TV and visit. He says he wants to remain close friends even after the divorce.

My question is: What gives with him? I don't understand him at all. -- ARE WE DONE YET?

DEAR ARE WE DONE YET?: For a man to move out on Valentine's Day illustrates that he has the emotional sensitivity of a golf shoe. Your ex may be doing these things out of guilt. Whether the two of you are done yet depends upon how you define "done." Your marriage is over. Your romance is, too. What's left to tie you together? If it's masochism on your part, I don't recommend it.