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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom Resents Lack of Support for Sons' College Expenses

DEAR ABBY: I am an only child who was very close to both my parents. When my son was born, he completed our happy circle. When Mom died unexpectedly early this year, it was a painful shock. Life hasn't been the same without Mama here.

One afternoon, I was missing my mom and prayed for a sign that she was still watching over us. The next morning in church, she was still on my mind. During the sermon I quickly wrote a check for the offering, but didn't rip it out. I then placed my checkbook down next to me.

When the ushers began passing the plate later in the service I reached for my checkbook. A shiny new dime was sitting on top of it! It was my sign from Mama telling me that yes, she's watching over me and my son and continues to be part of our lives. -- PAM IN OHIO

DEAR PAM: Of course she does. Not even death can break a loving mother-and-daughter bond. It's touching that she let you know that in church, a place that must have held special meaning for both of you.