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by Abigail Van Buren

Matchmaking Mom Wants Son's Gal Pal in the Family

DEAR ABBY: "Todd" and I have been close friends since eighth grade. We're now in our mid-20s, and over the years I have gotten to know his family. His mother, "Cindy," is a kind and darling woman and I like her a lot.

The problem is, she has it in her head that I am perfect for Todd. On more than one occasion she has gone so far as to ask me why I don't marry him. Todd and I have always been close, but I have never had any interest in him beyond friendship. In fact, I am involved in a serious relationship right now with a man I love dearly.

Is there a way to stop Cindy from making suggestive comments without hurting her feelings? -- HOLDING MY TONGUE FOR NOW IN MINNESOTA

DEAR HOLDING YOUR TONGUE: Todd's mother's attempts at matchmaking may be annoying, but they're the greatest compliment a mother can pay a young woman. The next time she does it, smile and tell her that if you could clone yourself you would because you think she'd be the best mother-in-law in the world, but you're seeing someone and the relationship is serious.