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by Abigail Van Buren

Man on the Wagon Nags His Friends to Join Him

DEAR ABBY: A close friend in our social group, "Reed," has been in and out of rehab for alcohol problems. We have all been there to offer moral support anytime we can -- including him in golf outings, barbecues, etc.

The problem is he has started lecturing us about "the dangers of drinking." We are social drinkers and professional people. Some of us don't drink; others are "on call" and can't. So it isn't like we're lying around getting drunk as skunks.

Reed has no family here. We love him dearly and don't want to exclude him. But he's starting to make people feel uncomfortable. How should we handle this? -- NO LECTURES, PLEASE, IN FLORIDA

DEAR NO LECTURES, PLEASE: Reed is preaching with the fervor of the newly converted. Whoever is closest to him in your social group should tell him privately that his comments are making some of you uncomfortable and to please stop it -- or start spending more time with other teetotalers.