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by Abigail Van Buren

Daughter Fears Elderly Mom Is a Menace Behind the Wheel

DEAR ABBY: My 60th birthday is approaching, and my children and I are planning a trip. My wish is to celebrate with just my two children -- not their spouses. Is this insensitive? Am I being unreasonable? -- THREE'S COMPANY

DEAR THREE'S COMPANY: If you have a good relationship with your children's spouses, there shouldn't be hurt feelings if they are not included this time. There are occasions when spouses sometimes prefer to stay at home. Example: high school reunions.

A neighbor of mine, a woman in her 80s, mentioned recently that she was planning a trip back to her hometown with her daughter (sans son-in-law) so they could see the house where she was raised and the grammar and high schools she attended. For them it was a sentimental journey, but for the husband it would have been as warm and fuzzy an experience as a root canal.