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by Abigail Van Buren

Daughter Fears Elderly Mom Is a Menace Behind the Wheel

DEAR ABBY: My mother just turned 80, and her driving is getting bad. I have spoken to her about my concerns, and she says she'll "think about" stopping. Then the next day, she's off driving somewhere.

I live 25 miles away. I offered to move to her apartment complex and do her driving, but until I can do that she won't stop.

Mom has already hit a city bus, turned into oncoming traffic and narrowly missed a pedestrian. When she put in for a change of address for her driver's license, they noticed it was time to renew it and did so without a test. I requested they send her a "come in and test" letter, but so far there has been no response. What can I do before she kills someone or herself? -- PHILADELPHIA DAUGHTER

DEAR DAUGHTER: Contact your mother's physician and tell him/her what you have told me. Her doctor should write a letter to the Department of Motor Vehicles regarding her history of near misses. It appears your concerns are justified. She should be given a driver's test and an eye test.