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by Abigail Van Buren

Man's Inner Beauty Is Masked by Scary Mole on His Back

DEAR ABBY: It's tax season, and once again, my husband and I are faced with our annual "conflict." We buy a tax program for our computer and do our own taxes. Every year, one of our daughters has my husband do her taxes. After he completes them, he returns the forms so she and her husband can sign them. The problem is, they never pay the taxes they owe.

My daughter and son-in-law owe thousands of dollars, and I know they risk being audited by the IRS. If that happens, I am sure the kids will say that my husband actually did the taxes, which could draw us into their problem. It might even target us to be audited. I don't want to be dragged into this potential problem. My husband thinks I'm being silly and borrowing trouble unnecessarily. What do you think? -- HONEST TAXPAYER IN WISCONSIN

DEAR HONEST TAXPAYER: Because your husband is preparing the tax return as a favor and not being paid, I doubt he will get into trouble. But there's a good chance your daughter and her husband will. What she needs to do is contact the IRS and work out some kind of workable payment plan. And as loving parents, you and your husband should encourage them to act like responsible adults and do that.