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by Abigail Van Buren

'In Vino Veritas' Reveals

DEAR ABBY: Our driveway is directly across from our neighbor's dining room window. The only curtain open in their entire house is this one. Since they always sit at this window, they can observe who pulls in and out, what groceries are brought in and how many times we leave.

They make comments like, "I see you had pizza last night," or, "What did you buy at 'Such and Such' store?" This has caused a strain on our relationship with them.

I know they have a right to open whatever curtains they want in their own house, but what about the invasion of our privacy? -- PEEVED BY THE PEEPERS, JOHNSTOWN, PA.

DEAR PEEVED: Apparently what's going on in your driveway is better than what's on television. Because you can't change your neighbors, you're going to have to find the humor in this situation and change the way you react. They may be trying to make conversation because there's nothing else going on in their lives. And their curiosity might turn out to be a blessing one day if someone tries to enter your home in your absence.