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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman's Withdrawal Concerns Longtime Neighborhood Friends

DEAR ABBY: My girlfriend, "Ashley," and I have been dating exclusively for about two years. Last week, her boss asked her to be his friend's date so he and his girlfriend and the friend could attend a concert for which he had tickets.

I was upset about it, but Ashley said that because I couldn't afford tickets she was going to take the opportunity and go. In other words, she accepted the offer to be his friend's date in order to attend.

Am I right to be upset with my girlfriend for being her boss's friend's date? -- HURT IN INDIANA

DEAR HURT: Yes, because it appears that for the price of a concert ticket your relationship with Ashley is no longer "exclusive," and she went in spite of your feelings. It was also inappropriate for her boss to ask her to be someone's "date," especially if he knew she had a steady boyfriend.