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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman Is Curious to Know Details of Beau's Divorce

DEAR ABBY: Our daughter's landlady -- I'll call her Martha -- has become very close to our family. Martha and her husband are included in most of our family's social events.

My problem is Martha is allergic to garlic and cannot eat anything cooked with it.

Abby, we are Italian. We grew up eating garlic and cook just about everything with it. My husband and I are locking horns over the fact that I feel it's an imposition to be expected to accommodate one person by omitting a key ingredient in a dish. When you're cooking for a lot of people who are accustomed to the way certain foods are prepared, I feel it is inconsiderate for someone to expect me to leave an ingredient out. What do you think? -- MAMA "MIA" IN N.Y.

DEAR MAMA "MIA": I think you should prepare a garlic-free extra dish for Martha -- something not too difficult to make, like a salad -- or invite Martha over less often.